New Star Wars: Battlefront Mode Revealed – Its Called Turning Point and Comes to Those Who Pre-Ordered One Week Earlier

If Star Wars: Battlefront has tickled your fancy thus far then you’ll be happy to know that the The Battle of Jakku map pack is arriving on the 1st of December to the Rebels who pre-ordered, you non-pre-ordering Imperial scum will have to wait an extra week. Oh ok you’re not scum! Anyway in a rare turn of events EA is giving the map pack away for free, happy days.

However, if you’re a big Battlefront fan you probably already knew that, but what you might not have known is that EA just revealed a new game mode that comes with the pack – Turning Point. The mode takes place after the Battle of Endor and the Rebels have to locate and take control of Imperial bases in order to win the 40 player battle. The Rebels have a finite amount of time to capture one of three bases, but if they succeed more time will be added to the clock and additional bases will appear for capturing and what not.


There’ll be plenty of AT-STs and airspeeders dotted throughout the maps to make getting around that little bit easier, and of course they might just give you the advantage in a fight. Then on the larger map – Graveyard of Giants – debris will be falling to the ground from the space battle raging on above, and a Super Star Destroyer will pop by to say hello as it comes crashing into the ground.

Has Star Wars: Battlefront given you the Jedi experience you’ve always been craving, or are you still mourning over the loss of 1313? Let us know in the comments. If you haven’t gotten in on the action yet then you could always purchase a copy of the game here.