New World Bug Makes You Tired – How To Fix

tired new world

There is currently a tired bug in New World that existed in both Closed and Open Beta tests. This article is meant to show how you can fix your character if he looks out of breath, with no stamina bar, but you are not encumbered.

Tired Character Model With No Stamina Bar

When your character looks out of breath, hunched over, and cannot dodge because they have no stamina bar, it is supposed to mean you are encumbered. This means you are over your max weight allowed and therefore need to get rid of some items in your inventory. Sometimes players will notice their character is behaving this way but they check and they are not over their weight max. Players wonder, “why is my character hunched over, out of breath?” or “why can’t I dodge in New World?”.

What Does the Tired / Encumbered Player Look Like?

Here is a video of what the character will look like when they have this bug or when they are encumbered:

How to Fix New World Bug for Tired / No Stamina Character – Solved

If you have already checked and ensured you are not passed your weight capacity in game in New World, restart your client. Don’t simply logout to the main menu, because this does not solve the tired bug. If you fully exit the game and launch it again, your character should be back to normal again.