New World Epic Weapons from Quests

New World Epic Quests

Here is a list of all the Epic Weapons you can obtain through quests in New World.

Most of them are obtained after the completion of Madakis Strategem.

We’ve written a post for each weapon detailing how to get them in an easy to follow step-by-step guide.

SwordTwilight’s Fall580VQuest
SwordEdge of Rebellion 535VQuest
ShieldRook’s Defense 580VQuest
ShieldBoundless Ward 580VQuest
ShieldLightstorm’s Protector 570VQuest
BowTorrent 580VQuest
MusketClamorous Vox570VQuest
RapierFrozen Lament580VQuest
HatchetAzure Ravager580VQuest
Great AxeReformation580VQuest
War HammerRampant Conviction580VQuest
Fire StaffPrime Resolve580VQuest
Life StaffGlimmering Mercy580VQuest
Ice GauntletRimelash580VQuest
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