New World Epic Weapons – Ice Gauntlet Guide

Complete list of all New World Epic Ice Gauntlets and where to find them!
New World Epic Weapons - Ice Gauntlet Guide

Here is our ultimate New World Epic Weapons – Ice Gauntlet Guide. We will continue to update it as soon as new information comes out. In this guide we will list all the Epic Ice Gauntlets of New World, Amazon’s new PvP/Gathering focused MMORPG. Head down to the chart below to see them sorted by highest Gear Score. Some have set Gear Scores and others have a range which will depend on the current gear score your character had when you acquired it.

Depending on your characters build, you will need to identify which stats are best for your playstyle. Along your adventures in New World you will come across many, many different items. There are currently 15 Epic Ice Gauntlets to find and it will be hard to know which one to focus on acquiring to optimize your character.

Epic Ice Gauntlets can be more powerful than regular ones of the same level and range in item rarity from tiers 4 to 5 in New World. Some Epic Ice Gauntlets have unique names and come with range of Gear Scores and curated Perks. While all epic items are good, you will want to carefully study each to pick an item that suits your playstyle and goals.

Epic Ice Gauntlets are generally available for players, however many have a level restriction of 36 or higher. Epic Ice Gauntlets are currently found either Dropped from slain enemies, or bought from Faction Vendors

Here is a complete list of all the Epic Ice Gauntlets New World has to offer. Click on the Source in the right column to find a detailed guide for where to find the Epic Ice Gauntlet that’s right for you!

TypeNameImageGear ScoreTierSource
Ice GauntletMarauder Commander Ice Gauntlet525VVendor
Ice GauntletSyndicate Alchemist Ice Gauntlet525VVendor
Ice GauntletCovenant Adjudicator Ice Gauntlet525VVendor
Ice GauntletTaiyings Heart500IVDrop
Ice GauntletConservation of Heat475IVDrop
Ice GauntletMarauder Destroyer Ice Gauntlet470IVVendor
Ice GauntletSyndicate Cabalist Ice Gauntlet470IVVendor
Ice GauntletCovenant Lumen Ice Gauntlet470IVVendor
Ice GauntletRejected Sacrifice465IVDrop
Ice GauntletFrostwall465IVDrop
Ice GauntletLobstercatcher460IVDrop
Ice GauntletTouch of Grief455IVDrop
Ice GauntletNight Terror450IVDrop
Ice GauntletArctic Depths435IVDrop
Ice GauntletHand of Denier425IVDrop
Ice GauntletFrostfall400-500IVUnknown
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Taiyings Heart – Epic New World Ice Gauntlet

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