New World Epic Weapons – Sword Guide

Complete list of all New World Epic Swords and where to find them!
New World Epic Weapons - Sword Guide

Here is our ultimate New World Epic Weapons Sword Guide. We will continue to update it as soon as new information comes out. In this guide we will list all the Epic Swords of New World, Amazon’s new PvP/Gathering focused MMORPG. Head down to the chart below to see them sorted by highest Gear Score. Some have set Gear Scores and others have a range which will depend on the current gear score your character had when you acquired it.

Depending on your characters build, you will need to identify which stats are best for your playstyle. Along your adventures in New World you will come across many, many different swords. There are currently 124 Epic Swords to find and it will be hard to know which one to focus on acquiring to optimize your character.

Epic Swords can be more powerful than regular weapons of the same level and range in tiers of Item Rarity from 3 to 5 in New World. Some Epic Swords have unique names and come with range of Gear Scores and curated Perks.

Epic items are available for all levels of players, but some require that the player takes on difficult challenges like Expeditions or difficult enemies. While all epic weapons are good, you will want to carefully study each to pick a weapon that suits your playstyle and goals.

Epic Swords are typically found either Dropped from slain enemies, within Chests or Caches, crafted from Recipes, completing Quests or a series of Quest Chains.

Here is a complete list of all the Epic Swords New World has to offer. Click on the Source in the right column to find a detailed guide for where to find that Epic Sword!

TypeEpic SwordImageGear ScoreTierSource
SwordCoral Lash600IVDrop
SwordIsabella’s Chosen600VUnknown
SwordTwilight’s Fall580VQuest
SwordVoidforged Harbinger555VRecipe
SwordOpus Blade550VRecipe
SwordEdge of Rebellion535VQuest
SwordMarauder Commander Longsword525VVendor
SwordSyndicate Alchemist Longsword525VVendor
SwordCovenant Adjudicator Longsword525VVendor
SwordEternal Servitude525VAncient Equipment Cache
SwordA Thousand Cuts520IVDrop
SwordRagebearer’s Longsword of the Soldier500-600VUnknown
SwordMistwalker’s Longsword of the Soldier500-600VUnknown
SwordDoomsinger’s Longsword of the Soldier500-600VUnknown
SwordHarbinger’s Longsword of the Soldier500-600VUnknown
SwordFanatic’s Longsword of the Soldier500-600VUnknown
SwordBondsman’s Longsword of the Soldier500-600VUnknown
SwordOphan’s Longsword of the Soldier500-600VUnknown
SwordThe Cause500IVChest/Drop in: Zone Level 59+
SwordTempest of Torment500-600VDrop
SwordAbomination’s Mandible500-600VChest/Drop in: Zone Level 59+
SwordAnakor, Gaze of Serpents500-600VChest/Drop in: Zone Level 59+
SwordA Thousand Voices500-600VUnknown
SwordBlazing Reaver500-600VChest/Drop in: Zone Level 59+
SwordBloodline Heir500-600VUnknown
SwordBreak Beyond500-600VChest/Drop in: Zone Level 59+
SwordBrinelash500-600VChest/Drop in: Zone Level 59+
SwordCiradim, Charge of the Guardian500-600VChest/Drop in: Zone Level 59+
SwordDryad’s Demise500-600VChest/Drop in: Zone Level 59+
SwordEmerald’s Eye500-600VChest/Drop in: Zone Level 59+
SwordFinal Waltz500-600VUnknown
SwordFormal Invitation500-600VChest/Drop in: Zone Level 59+
SwordFrostbite500-600VChest/Drop in: Zone Level 59+
SwordFulgurite Slasher500-600VChest/Drop in: Zone Level 59+
SwordGravescraper500-600VChest/Drop in: Zone Level 59+
SwordGreenkeeper500-600VChest/Drop in: Zone Level 59+
SwordSoulwarden’s Guide500-600VChest/Drop in: Zone Level 59+
SwordGuardian’s Charge500-600VChest/Drop in: Zone Level 59+
SwordHatred’s Bite500-600VChest/Drop in: Zone Level 59+
SwordHemogoblin500-600VChest/Drop in: Zone Level 59+
SwordIllusory Enigma500-600VOutpost Rush Cache
SwordJupiter’s Favor500-600VChest/Drop in: Zone Level 59+
SwordKiller Instinct500-600VWar Spoils
SwordLiberator Of Souls500-600VChest/Drop in: Zone Level 59+
SwordLuminous Dream500-600VChest/Drop in: Zone Level 59+
SwordMalicious Intent500-600VChest/Drop in: Zone Level 59+
SwordMalum500-600VChest/Drop in: Zone Level 59+
SwordMoonless Night500-600V Cache
SwordReckless500-600VChest/Drop in: Zone Level 59+
SwordReconciliation500-600VSpriggan Reward Chest
SwordRimeblade500-600VChest/Drop in: Zone Level 59+
SwordSeaborne Plague500-600VDrop
SwordSecond Chance500-600VChest/Drop in: Zone Level 59+
SwordSeeker of Secrets500-600VChest/Drop in: Zone Level 59+
SwordSeer’s End500-600VChest/Drop in: Zone Level 59+
SwordShard Of The Obelisk500-600VChest/Drop in: Zone Level 59+
SwordSin500-600VChest/Drop in: Zone Level 59+
SwordSlicing Zephyr500-600VChest/Drop in: Zone Level 59+
SwordSpirithound500-600VChest/Drop in: Zone Level 59+
SwordTempest500-600VChest/Drop in: Zone Level 59+
SwordThe Black Blade500-600VChest/Drop in: Zone Level 59+
SwordThe Fairy Queens Jest500-600VChest/Drop in: Zone Level 59+
SwordThe Familiar500-600VChest/Drop in: Zone Level 59+
SwordThe Messenger500-600VChest/Drop in: Zone Level 59+
SwordThe Way Home500-600VChest/Drop in: Zone Level 59+
SwordValor’s Folly500-600VChest/Drop in: Zone Level 59+
SwordVerdant Agony500-600V
Angry Earth Equipment Cache
SwordVinesnapper500-600VChest/Drop in: Zone Level 59+
SwordVoice of the Makers500-600VChest/Drop in: Zone Level 59+
SwordVolcanic Reaver500-600VChest/Drop in: Zone Level 59+
SwordWarden of the Wilds500-600VChest/Drop in: Zone Level 59+
SwordWidowmaker500-600VChest/Drop in: Zone Level 59+
SwordWildfire500-600VChest/Drop in: Zone Level 59+
SwordWill of the Hunter500-600VChest/Drop in: Zone Level 59+
SwordWishful Wail500-600VChest/Drop in: Zone Level 59+
SwordPromise of Power500IVDrop
SwordCaptain’s Fury490IVWar Spoils Cache
SwordUnceremonious End490IVDark Spriggan Cache 1
SwordNatural Selection490IVUnknown
SwordNoble’s Brand475IVDrop
SwordSymbiote’s Brand475IVDrop
SwordMarauder Destroyer Longsword470IVVendor
SwordSyndicate Cabalist Longsword470IVVendor
SwordCovenant Lumen Longsword470IVVendor
SwordSoulseeker470IV Drop
SwordWilling Sacrifice465IV Drop
SwordDowsing Blade460IVRecipe
SwordInfallible Pursuit460IVDrop
SwordDeep Hatred455IV Drop
SwordEye of the Storm440IVDrop
SwordDrowned Mariners Chanty425IIIDrop
SwordKeen Temper425IVRecipe
SwordRemorseless Winter425IVDrop
SwordGraverobber’s Longsword of the Soldier400-500IV Unknown
SwordWraith Hunter’s Longsword of the Soldier400-500IV Unknown
SwordGuardian’s Longsword of the Soldier400-500IV Unknown
SwordShadowbringer’s Longsword of the Soldier400-500IV Unknown
SwordCorsair’s Longsword of the Soldier400-500IVUnknown
SwordAphedia400-500IVChest/Drop in:
Zone Level 39-58
SwordArm of the Aggressor400-500IVChest/Drop in: Zone Level 39-58
SwordEchoes of War400-500IVChest/Drop in: Zone Level 39-58
SwordEnigmatic Aeons400-500IVChest/Drop in: Zone Level 39-58
SwordFearful Breath400-500IVChest/Drop in: Zone Level 39-58
SwordGhastly Revelation400-500IVChest/Drop in: Zone Level 39-58
SwordGift from the Mother400-500IVChest/Drop in: Zone Level 39-58
SwordGracious Host400-500IVChest/Drop in: Zone Level 39-58
SwordGravebreaker400-500IVChest/Drop in: Zone Level 39-58
SwordGrim Edict400-500IVChest/Drop in: Zone Level 39-58
SwordHastate400-500IVChest/Drop in: Zone Level 39-58
SwordMuffled Wail400-500IVCache
SwordSoulfire Damascus400-500IVChest/Drop in: Zone Level 39-58
SwordTrue Path400-500IVChest/Drop in: Zone Level 39-58
SwordValor’s Destiny400-500IVChest/Drop in: Zone Level 39-58
SwordVisions of Chaos400-500IVChest/Drop in: Zone Level 39-58
SwordDiamond’s Edge300-400IIIChest/Drop in: Zone Level 19-38
SwordQuick Wit300-400IIIChest/Drop in: Zone Level 19-38