New World Group Finder Datamined

new world group finder datamined

With news of the Player Test Realm (PTR) coming to New World, we have evidence of a New World Group Finder Datamined. Dataminers have gotten their hands on some juicy game files for upcoming patches for Amazon Game Studios’ New World.

A very controversial concept of World of Warcraft has always been the group finder feature originally released at the end of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. It has now been found that New World is expecting to introduce a one as a New World Group Finder has been datamined from the newest PTR game client.

Edengrove Dungeon new world
Edengrove Dungeon

Details of Datamined Group Finder

Currently, the group finder for New World is only for dungeons and possibly PvP Outpost Rush, but not for raids. There are some image files within the game client as well as string keys in the coding for the tool.

The New World Group Finder appears to show the following details as part of its UI:

  • Time Elapsed in Queue
  • Estimated Wait Time
  • A Join Queue Button
  • A prompt that tell you that you will be kicked from the queue if you click leave queue
  • A prompt to inform you if you have already queued for another dungeon, you cannot queue for a new one
  • A prompt that if you are already in an active dungeon, you cannot queue unless all group members leave the current dungeon
  • A prompt that tells you that you are already in queue for outpost rush
  • A few other notifications

We’ve bolded two of the statements above to bring light to them. It appears that you can only queue for one dungeon at a time, since the prompt states you can’t queue for another dungeon. Hopefully this is adjusted so that you can queue for multiple dungeons at once eventually.

It also appears that there is a queue for Outpost Rush which means this would double as a New World PvP Group Finder as well.

Actual String Codes Used for Datamined New World Group Finder

Here are the strings for the New World Group Finder datamined:

“<string key=”ui_dungeon_elapsed_time”>Time Elapsed:</string>

<string key=”ui_dungeon_estimated_time_remaining”>Estimated wait time:</string>

<string key=”ui_dungeon_activate”>Join Expedition Queue</string>

<string key=”ui_dungeon_leave_group_sufficient_members”>You will be kicked out of the queue if you leave the group.\nAre you sure?</string>

<string key=”ui_dungeon_group_in_queue”>Waiting for Expedition…</string>

<string key=”ui_dungeon_group_already_in_queue_dungeon”>Your group is already in a queue for a different dungeon. Create a new group to open this dungeon.</string>

<string key=”ui_dungeon_group_in_active_dungeon”>Your group already has an active dungeon. All group members need to exit the active dungeon to open this dungeon.</string>

<string key=”ui_dungeon_removed_from_queue”>You have been removed from the Expedition queue</string>

<string key=”ui_dungeon_full_header”>Expedition is currently full. Join the queue to enter the expedition.</string>

<string key=”ui_dungeon_outpost_rush”>You are already in a queue for Outpost Rush</string>”

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