New World Hatchet Build 2022

new world hatchet build 2022

Introduction to Hatchet Gameplay

This New World Hatchet Build will show you the best build to choose for PvE and for PvP. The Hatchet is a single-handed weapon that increases power scaling with strength and Dexterity. It is able to deal Slash damage with its standard attacks, as well as the majority of skills. Although it’s a one-handed weapon, it is not possible to dual-wield or carry shields. The Hatchet is a ferocious, ruthless weapon which lets you to focus on quick and powerful melee attacks, or throws of medium distance. 

Hatchet Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Attacks Very Quickly
  • Berserk is helpful in many situation
  • Self-healing with skills
  • Strong against Angry Earth enemies
  • You can select to use ranged attacks as well


  • Awkward attack rotation for min-maxers
  • Basic swings can miss fairly easily
  • Throwing tree is not very strong
  • Weak against Ancients
  • Limited range when melee attacking

Hatchet Attributes

The Hatchet scales most notably by Strength, but it also scales by Dexterity. This makes it possible to use it with an item that is scaled by one of these attributes. We suggest that you concentrate on purchasing gear that is the strength or dexterity, and Constitution. Faction armor, in particular, does an excellent job of giving a balance between Strength , Dexterity or Constitution. 

If you’d like to wear heavy Dexterity armor, you can alter the attributes on the Faction armor using a Seal like the Syndicate Brigand Seal. Use the Seal together with the piece of gear from your faction that you would like to attribute switch to the appropriate crafting bench. There should be a new recipe available for you to finish. For more information on Attribute scaling, read our article on Attributes.

In PvE, you may use Hatchets to DPS or to tank with as your secondary tanking weapon. The primary goal is to deal the most damage you can to any foe that you are able to reach within melee range, while remaining alive. 

The Hatchet can also provide an effective debuff, called Rend, which is a ability to Rending Throw which makes all players in your group be more damaging to an individual opponent for a brief period of duration. The range of melee for the Hatchet is limited, and the proper placement is crucial to ensure that you can hit as many foes as you can and ensure that you’re getting consistent backstab-crits on bosses. 

We suggest Berserk, Rending Throw, and Raging Torrent as abilities except if you’re interested in having a gap-closer and can swap out Raging Torrent in favor of Feral Rush. Berserk can heal you up to 10 percent or more of the maximum amount you have each 4 seconds. Keep it in mind if you’re in a bind. The most suitable stone to use with you Hatchet can be cut Pristine Diamond due to the fact that with self-healing abilities, you’ll remain fully healthy when fighting. 

For gems for armor, we recommend either Cut Pristine Onyx, Cut Pristine Malachite as well as Cut Pristine Diamond to provide general damage absorption. To determine which weapon is the best match with the Hatchet take a look at the weapon Combos Section below.

Here is our suggested New World Hatchet Build for PvE. It is created using the New World Skill Calculator tool:

PvE Hatchet Build new world
PvE Hatchet Build

The best use for Hatchet in New World PvP is for chasing down enemies by utilizing speed increases, then quickly cutting them down with a barrage of attacks. Utilizing the Berserk skill gives you an advantage because you gain movement speed, attack damage, grit, AND self-healing.

The general strategy in PVP is to use Berserk to catch up to the enemy, root them with Feral’s Rush skill Crippling Strikes talent. The if you die, the Defy Death skill will allow you some time to drink a potion and survive.

If you want to be a Tank-Buster, you may choose use Rending Throw from the Throwing tree to get through their defenses. You can swap out and use Infected Throw instead if you want to focus on fighting healers.

Your gem strategy should be to use Cut Pristine Emeralds to damage players with low health remaining. Other options are Cut Pristine Malachite, Cut Pristine Diamonds, or Cut Pristine Onyx depending on the type of defense you want.

Here is our suggested New World Hatchet Build for PvP. It is created using the New World Skill Calculator tool:

PvP Hatchet Build new world
PvP Hatchet Build

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