New World Housing Guide

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New World Housing Guide Introduction

We share here all the housing locations for buyable houses in New World. Each image has a breakdown of a town with each tier house available to purchase. These maps were created by Reddit User xDivineStrikex. We’ve also included his YouTube video housing guide, please see his video and like it if you do!

Key Takeaways From The Housing Guide

  • To purchase a house, walk up to it and press “T”. This will bring you up a screen with all the details about that house.
  • House Recall timer can range from 2 hours to 4 hours
    • You can spend Azoth to reset the cooldown, which is usually cheaper than fast traveling
  • You can put trophies in your house which increase your luck rating for gathering professions. Logging Trophies, Mining Trophies, Skinning Trophies, Harvesting Trophies. There are also combat, crafting, and loot luck trophies in New World.
  • Add storage chests to your house so you can hold more items.
  • You can own up to 3 houses in New World. They are purchasable at Level 15, 35, and 55.
  • Some details on housing benefits and requirements:
    • Cost of houses: 5k-20k Gold
    • Territory Standing Required: 10-30
    • Max House Items: 1-4
    • Max Storage Items: 1-4
    • Max Pets: 5-8
    • Max Lights: 4-10
  • You can only use the first house discount once. If you abandon your house and buy another one, you will not get the discount again. This discount is 50% off.
  • If you don’t pay your housing taxes you will not be able to teleport to it or benefit from trophy buffs, but you will not lose the house.
  • Tune into his video for further explanations!

First Light House Locations – New World

Monarch’s Bluff House Locations – New World

Windsward House Locations – New World

Everfall House Locations – New World

Mourningdale House Locations – New World

Reekwater House Locations – New World

Restless Shore House Locations – New World

Weaver’s Fen House Locations – New World

Brightwood House Locations – New World

Cutlass Keys House Locations – New World

Ebonscale Reach House Locations – New World