New World Players Abuse Report Function in PvP

New World Players Abuse Report Function in PvP

The popularity of MMORPG New World from Amazon Games does not fade, but the game gradually reveals various problems. The developers are still trying to deal with the queues, and meanwhile the servers are already filled with fishing bots. Another one has recently been added to these troubles. Users figured out how to use the grievance system to win clan wars.

According to GamePressure, in New World, some clans have shown a dishonest way to win. Before the start of the clash, members of the company send mass complaints about the strongest fighters from the enemy guild.

The system temporarily blocks them, and this leads to problems. The clan simply cannot put its best lineup on the battlefield. As a result, the company that decided to take advantage of the vulnerability in the implementation of complaints wins.

The issue is being talked about on Twitter

Briefly about New World

New World — this is Amazon’s first major success in 10 years of the company’s gaming business.

This MMORPG this summer at the stage of beta testing attracted the attention of users. Then the peak online New World on Steam exceeded 200 thousand people. Now this record has been broken in the release.

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