New World Players are Resorting to Desperate Measures to Enjoy the Game

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State of New World

At the time of writing this article, New World has been faced with scrutiny about almost all systems it uses for the game. Some players love the combat system, others find it spammy and repetitive. There is a long list of controversial aspects of the game, but here is just a few:

  • Outpost Rush PvP mode still disabled
  • Combat system is loved by some, hated by others
  • Lack of variety in enemy types and zones
  • Extremely repetitive faction and town board quests
  • High level gear score upgrades impossible to find for some

With certain aspects of the game not working at all, such as the Outpost Rush PvP game-mode that has been disabled, reenabled, and then disabled almost immediately, players are beginning to get frustrated with the game.

With the decline of players in the last 2 weeks, and many players already sitting at max level 60, players are finding new ways to enjoy the game.

Make Coin in New World Gambling

Some servers have started unofficial casinos within designated towns. One redditor, Soracaz, details how the town of Windsward has become somewhat of a hangout for players that are ready to gamble some gold coin on a simple game of dice.

Players are meeting up in town and wagering an amount of coin of their choice, then using the dice emote to roll. The player with the larger number wins and is traded the coin they are owed.

Soracz’s original post here:

Fight Clubs Popping Up in New World

Another redditor on the same thread mentions fight clubs. Some players have reported that naked players are meeting up with PvP flag turned on, and literally getting into fist fights. This all happens while the rest of the players stand by and watch.

What happens if someone shows up in gear trying to steal a kill? Well, the rest of the players participating in the fight club are usually high levels and keep their gear on. If someone comes expecting to bend the rules, well… they are dealt with promptly.

Other Ways to Make Gold / Coin in New World

You, there, listen. You don’t need to subject yourself to these gambling and fight club ways! There are other ways to make coin in New World! We all know the New World economy is currently in shambles, with many items selling at only 0.01 coin, the deposit fees are worse than the sale price!

The best way to make gold is to utilize your gathering trade skills, and sell the raw materials. Materials in New World almost always sell for less coin after they have been refined. This is why you should only gather then and immediately sell on the auction house.

The first thing you should do is check your Everfall Trading Post for prices on the most common materials like Green Wood, Aged Wood, All types of Ores, and all types of Harvested material such as fibers and other herb materials. We have many guides on these, and for herbs specifically, you can use our Herbs and Spices Guide.

For our entire, Complete New World Gathering Guides, make sure you check out these sources as they give you an entire breakdown of each gathering profession as well as where to go to farm all of the materials related to them.

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