New World PvP Track Rewards

The New World PvP track rewards system allows players to earn some powerful rewards for taking part in PvP content consistently, with many of the rewards exclusive to this system. New World has been out for a year now, and there have been multiple new additions to the game since launch. Many updates were focused on getting players to take part in PvP content more often, which is where the track rewards system came from. If you want a quick rundown of how the New World PvP track rewards system works, we’ve got you covered. 

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New World PvP Track Rewards

The track rewards system is meant to encourage players to take part in PvP more, such as wars, outpost rush, arenas, factions missions, and open world fighting. Essentially, as you take part in PvP, you will be rewarded with special experience and a currency called Azoth Salt, with the experience going toward the progress on your rewards track. For every 10,000 XP you gain while being flagged for PvP in the open world, you will gain bonus Azoth Salt, even at max level. 

As you gain XP for PvP content, you will hit three thresholds on the rewards track, which unlocks checkpoints. The thresholds are 2000, 5000, and 10,000, and they unlock checkpoints one, two, and three respectively. Each time you hit a checkpoint, three rewards will roll for you, and you will be able to purchase them with Azoth Salt. The rewards include armour, trinkets, weapons, emotes, perk items, and special bundles, and all of them are exclusive to the PvP track rewards. 

Once you purchase a reward from each of three checkpoints, your rewards track will rank up and the checkpoints will reset to start the next rotation. The ranks for the rewards tracks are Steel, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Starmetal, with each subsequent one having more rotations and stronger potential rewards.

Typically, the best items are found in the third checkpoint, but you can still earn some powerful gear in the first two. There are also specific types of equipment exclusive to the checkpoints. These are:

  • Checkpoint One – Gloves and boots.
  • Checkpoint Two – Leg armour, trinkets, and weapons.
  • Checkpoint Three – Helmet, chest piece, weapons, and emotes. 

The rewards you can earn are also based on your current progression, meaning the equipment that rolls will have gear scores close to your level range, meaning they’ll always be useful to you. Below are the equipment tier rewards, which are defined by your player level:

  • Level 0-19 – Tier Two
  • Level 20-39 – Tier Three
  • Level 40-59 – Tier Four
  • Level 60 – Tier Five

That’s all for our breakdown of the New World PvP track rewards system, and now you know how the system works, along with the types of rewards you can earn for taking part in PvP content.

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