New World Staff Just Went on a Twitter Binge

new world twitter

Over the last 48 hours or so, the New World twitter account @PlayNewWorld has been very, very busy. They have been replying to tweets all day and have left some good updates that people have been looking for.

New World twitter continues to tweak the game in preparation for the big release September 28th, as well as the upcoming Open Beta. Many players have had questions along the way and eagerly wait for answers. Today we round up some of the nuggets worth mentioning from these tweets.

Play New World with a Controller

There is no planned controller support for New World. So if you were planning to play New World with a controller, you may be out of luck. They do mention however, that the Steam controller support may be an option.

When and Where Can I Signup for Open Beta for New World?

@PlayNewWorld has confirmed players will be able to request access starting at 7AM PT on September 8th.

Where Are Servers Located for New World Launch?

The final details of where each global server will be located are still in the works. However, it has been confirmed that servers will be located in North America West, North America East, EU Central, Australia, and Brazil

New World Server Language Recommendations

Players have been begging for New World servers to have a recommended or restricted language to set them apart from one another. A controversial topic for sure, but the New World twitter has finally addressed. Servers in New World will not have a limited language, but some servers will have a recommended language in order to allow those players to find their home easier.

New World Server Capacity and Server List

No confirmation has been made about just how large the New World server capacity will be, but players have been promised more information and the full list of servers closer to launch time.

Daggers Usable Weapons in New World

One player inquired about the use of daggers in New World, and although the staff stated they have no current information on it, there have been other leaks around the web (which we will not get into since they are leaks) that suggest daggers are a possibility. Seeing the smiley face in the reply certainly makes you wonder if they are slyly hinting at their existence.

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