Xbox One controller dusk shadow

New Xbox One Controllers: Dusk Shadow and Copper Shadow Listed in Europe for 649Kr/$97

European┬ávideo game and electronics retailer Media Markt has listed some new funky designs for the Xbox One’s controller over on its website.

The listings show the new colours, Dusk Shadow and Copper Shadow, and a release date of April 16, 2016. The pricing is set at approximately 649Kr which equates to around $97. However, as we’re all aware, prices in one region do not always translate too well to another region, so while the Swedish price may be the equivalent of $97, it could well end up being even more, though we hope that’s not the case.

The website also notes that these are exclusive to Media Markt, so perhaps we’ll see similar exclusivity deals in other regions, too.

There’s no other listings that we’ve been able to find as of yet, but we’re expecting to see the controller crop up in more regions soon enough. There’s a couple of images down below so give them a look and see if the new colours do anything for your retinas.

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Xbox One controller copper shadow Xbox One controller dusk shadow

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