News: 320GB Xbox 360 Media Hard Drive Aims For March Release

050c29ec-07c8-47a7-b0a4-8a480796f408While the world marvelled at the PlayStation 4 announcement, Xbox 360 players are left to scorn with nothing more than a new Xbox 360 media hard drive on the horizon.

The extra-large 320GB Xbox 360 media hard drive will be releasing sometime in March and will include three free games that will already be installed to the new hard drive. The three games? Not too bad to be fair, you get Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, Ms.Splosion Man and Pinball FX2, the latter of which will also include the Sorcerer’s Lair add-on component. Granted, they are all rather old games by now, but none the less, they’re free, in a sense.

The new media hard drive will be coming later in March and will set you back $130, and there’s also a catch. The new hard drive will only be compatible with the Xbox 360 Slim, so if you’re still rocking one of the older models, this is a no go for you.

With the PlayStation 4 being announced, those who were hoping for an announcement from Microsoft on their next-gen console will feel a little hard done by, but don’t worry, I have a feeling we’ll be getting a look at the new Xbox pretty soon 😉

If you don’t fancy splashing out for a hard drive, then you could always try to get one for free. Xbox Live’s Major Nelson has two of the new hard drives to give away, for absolutely nothing, not even the postage will be paid by you. For more details on how you could get lucky, check out Major Nelson’s blog right here.

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What do you think of the new Xbox 360 media hard drive? Will you be getting one? Let us know down in the comments section below.