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News: Animal Crossing Plaza Being Pulled From Wii U From December 22nd

If you’re a Wii U owner and you’ve not yet downloaded the free Animal Crossing spin-off app for the Wii U, then there’s not really much point in doing so now; it’s getting pulled from the Wii U store.

If you head over to the Wii U store and select the Animal Crossing Plaza app you’ll be greeted with a message informing you that after December 22nd of this year the app will no longer be available to download.

Animal Crossing Plaza is the first spin-off game in the series, well, sort of game. It’s more of a social platform where players can communicate and play mini-games of sorts. As of tomorrow that’s all coming to an end and the 6 people who still use it will have to migrate elsewhere. Poor sods.

Did you ever use the Animal Crossing Plaza app? Or did it manage to pass you by? Will you miss it?

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