News: Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation Reaches 600,000 Sales

assassin's creed liberation fightAssassin’s Creed III: Liberation has yielded some good results for publisher Ubisoft, according to comments made in a post-earnings financial call with investors and the like.

Ubisoft previously stated a few weeks ago, just before Christmas I think, that they were happy with the amount sold so far, but no figures were released.

The spin-off from the main series has been well received from fans and critics alike, and has prompted the question: when will we see a sequel?

Well, if the sales figures are right, then around 600,000 people have joined in the Assassin/Templar war and the majority will be eager for more, so let’s just wait and see what Ubisoft decide, but I think it’s safe to say we’ll see something else from Ubisoft on the PS Vita.

Still, the fact that the game has sold that many units is impressive, given that the console it’s for, the PS Vita, has a limited user base, somewhere between 4-5 million, according to sales figures.

If you are one of the few who own a PS Vita but not the brilliant Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation, check out our review (here) and maybe then you’ll be swayed to invest in a worthy spin-off.

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