News: Batman Arkham Origins Confirmed, PS Vita & 3DS Getting Separate Title

batman-arkham-originsHoly smokes Batman, there’s a new Batman game coming!

Seriously, it’s true. As we suspected and predicted, Batman Arkham Origins is due to release later this year alongside Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate, a handheld 2.5D game specifically for the PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS.

The confirmation comes thanks to Game Informer and their cover story for May, revealing that the latest Batman adventure isn’t being made by series creator Rocksteady Studios, but is instead being developed by Warner Bros. Montreal whilst Armature Studio is handling Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate for the PS Vita and 3DS.

Game Informer reveals that in Batman Arkham Origins you’ll be playing as “a young, unrefined Batman” as he “encounters many supervillains for the first time,” and that Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate “is a completely separate experience that takes place after the events of Arkham Origins.”

I’m as happy as anybody else to get confirmation that there’s to be another Batman game, but I have to be honest, I for one am sorely disappointed that the PS Vita is getting Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate in the form of a Metroidvania style game. Don’t get me wrong, I like them sort of games as much as the next guy, but a full 3D open world is always a winner in my books.

Batman Arkham Origins is due to hit shelves on October 25th for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC and Wii U whilst Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate releases the same day for the PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS.

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Source: Game Informer

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