News: Batman: Arkham Origins Screens Confirm The Joker

batmanarkhamoriginsjokerA new batch of screenshots released by Warner Bros. for Batman: Arkham Origins has caused a stir with fans of the series, as the new screens confirm that fan-favourite villain The Joker will feature in Arkham Origins.

The new screens show Batman in various situations, beating enemies to mush, sulking on a rooftop (something he does far too often) and of course The Joker with his menacing grin and shock of bright green hair, you know the drill when it comes to that fella.

Have a nosey at the screens below:

batmanarkhamorigins batmanarkhamoriginsjoker batmanarkhamoriginsscreen2 batmanarkhamoriginsscreen3 batmanarkhamoriginsscreen5batmanarkhamoriginsscreen4

Fans of the series are no doubt happy to see Batman’s arch-enemy make a return as it was previously rumoured that due to Mark Hamill retiring from the role that The Joker wouldn’t feature in the game. 

However we now know this to be untrue as Joker now has a new set of vocal chords thanks to Troy Baker, the very some guy who voiced Booker DeWitt in Bioshock Infinite.

So, there you have it, some good news. Enjoy it, savour it, share it.

If that’s not enough for you greedy buggers, check out the trailer that Warner released for Arkham Origins. It’s a corker to be fair.

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Happy to see Joker will be getting on Batman’s nerves once again?

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