News: Battlefield 4 Official Website Teases The Future Shooter

battlefield-4-official-siteBattlefield 4 will be revealed next week, as made obvious by EA and DICE themselves, so to keep us guessing and wanting more,  the duo have launched the official Battlefield 4 website.

There’s not a lot going on inside the site to be honest, just a piece of artwork with the promise that more will be shown off if more users log in to the website, as well as stating “Come back March 27th for a first look at gameplay.”

Also, as a little bonus for taking the whole 2 minutes it takes to sign up and log in, you’ll receive a Battlefield 3 “I Was . It’s nothing amazing, but damn it, it’s free!

The reveal next week promises to show off some gameplay, maybe even reveal a release date and which platforms that Battlefield 4 will actually launch on, with rumours suggesting a launch on the PlayStation 4 and next-Xbox being likely, as well as massive online multiplayer, somewhere in the region of 64 player games. Though it’s not all roses, there’s also talk of micro-transactions being heavily implemented as well as DLC already planned and named, months before the game releases, before it’s even been officially revealed.

We’re just going to have to wait until March 27th for more info, it’s not that far away, we can manage. Can’t we?

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