News: Best of PlayStation Network Vol. 1 Rated By ESRB

sony entertainment network playstationA recent rating posted on the ESRB website indicates that Sony will be releasing numerous PlayStation Network titles in various bundles, starting with Best of PlayStation Network Vol. 1.

The ESRB rating states:

“This is a compilation of four PlayStation Network titles: Fat Princess, Tokyo Jungle, Sound Shapes and When Vikings Attack.”

The listing goes on to explain the various content within the games, you can check it out in full in the image below.

playstationnetworkvol1Interestingly enough, the listing has now been removed, most likely by the request of Sony who would want to market the product carefully and announce it when they see fit. Well, that’s pretty much gone to dust… Sorry Sony!

These compilations will most likely be made available on disc at retail, rather than digital. This could work wonders for Sony as there are probably thousands of players who recently bought into the PlayStation 3 with the 12GB hard drive at the budget price over Christmas. Obviously those with only 12GB will be hard pressed to get much content from the PlayStation Store so having the option to purchase a bundle at retail would be a good touch, if the price is right of course…

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Is this something you would do? Would you prefer to buy the smaller PlayStation Network games on disc rather than digital? At least that way you can trade them in when you’ve finished them, rather than have them die a silent death somewhere in the ‘cloud.’