News: Bioshock Infinite Is Single Player Only

bioshock infinite no multiFor those of you looking forward to getting stuck into the multiplayer portion of Bioshock Infinite, I’m afraid it’s bad news.

There isn’t one.

Ken Levine, creator of the Bioshock series has confirmed via Twitter that Bioshock Infinite will not have a multiplayer component of any kind.

This might be bad news for some, but honestly, Bioshocks 2‘s multiplayer offering was less than stellar and, forgive me saying so, it just wasn’t very good. It was fun for a short while, but it got old and stale fast due to its shallow nature, it just felt tacked on.

The Bioshock games are really about the single player experience, the story that sucks you in and a world that never lets you out, characters that make your skin crawl and action that makes your eyes bleed. Though not literally, it wouldn’t have sold half as many copies if it caused bleeding of the eyes. You get the point though.

I’m sure most Bioshock fans will appreciate the effort gone into the single player and wouldn’t want a stain on the game in the form of a poorly implemented, last-minute multiplayer mode.

Although, never say never…

What do you think? Is a complete omission of multiplayer good or will you miss it?