News: Black Ops 2 DLC Out Now On PS3 & PC, Double Weapon XP Starting Today

black-ops-2-wii-uTo celebrate the launch of the Uprising download content on the PlayStation 3 and PC, players of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will be able to enjoy some double weapon XP, and that’s across all platforms.

The newly released Uprising DLC for the PS3 and PC contains 4 new multiplayer maps to duke it out in as well as a brand new Zombies experience in the form of Mob of The Dead. The latest download pack will set you back either $14.99/1200 Microsoft Points or £9.99/1200 Microsoft points, though if you hold a Season Pass then you’ll be able to download the new content without paying any extra as it’s all included in your Season Pass.

The double weapon XP event begins today and will run through the weekend up until Monday, so if you’ve got nothing planned for the weekend (seriously, go out or something!) then you know what you’ll be doing…

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Enjoying the latest Black Ops 2 DLC? What about Zombies? I wouldn’t know, I’m too much of sissy to play it…

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