News: Brace Yourself, Xbox Live Is Down

xbox liveIt’s not then end of the world, ok?

Xbox 360 owners, you may have noticed a problem with your Xbox Live over the last day or so.

Unfortunately some of the Xbox Live services are unavailable for the time being, such as:

  • Signing in to Xbox LIVE
  • Accessing LIVE websites
  • Accessing saved games and data in cloud storage
  • Buying downloadable items
  • Paying for downloadable items with a credit card
  • Redeeming downloadable items with Microsoft Points, buying additional Microsoft Points, or viewing your points balance

Note that these problems are on both the actual Xbox 360 console and the website. Microsoft hasn’t left us in the dark though, only around and hour ago the firm released the following statement to players:

“Members will continue to experience issues accessing and logging in to Xbox LIVE. If this is affecting you, please know that we have our engineers spun up and working as quickly as they can. We thank you for your patience and will keep this message updated every 30 minutes as the work is conducted.”

If you’re hoping to get online with your brand new Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Halo 4 or whichever games Santa left under your tree, chances are you’ll find it difficult, so single player games are going to have to become your new best friends.

Don’t worry though, it’s not all bad, and to cheer you up here’s a quick short-list of some great single player campaigns to get you through this Xbox Live outage.

Halo 4 – Brilliant campaign, worth at least playing through once. I don’t need to elaborate any more than that, if you’ve been alive for over 10 years, you know what Halo is about, and no doubt you’ve already seen some gameplay of Halo 4.
Call of Duty: Black Ops II – The best campaign in the series, a fantastic story and some of the best set pieces you’ll see in a Call of Duty game for a long time.

Assassin’s Creed III – A bit of a slow burner, but once you’re in the thick of things, it’ll keep you occupied, plus, it’s a decent story.

Dead Rising – If you love you a bit of zombie slaying, this will get your going in good fashion. Take out zombies with literally everything you can find, it’s good fun!

Far Cry 3 – An open world like no other, if you’ve not yet played the single player, stop what you’re doing and get to the island. It’s not as mysterious as in LOST, but it’s a damn sight less confusing…

Crackdown – Avoid Crackdown 2, this will do you fine. The second one is pretty much naff, but the original Crackdown is still a fine open-world game with some RPG elements. Damn, now I’ve got an itch to play it…

PGR4 – Forget Forza for a minute, Project Gotham Racing is, and always will be in my eyes, the superior racer. PGR4 took it to another level and the single player is so addictive, I remember missing a week of college when I first got it. Honestly, I couldn’t recommend this more.

There you go, if you can rustle under the bed and find a few of these long-lost forgotten gems, you’ll be over this Xbox Live outage before you know it. Enjoy!

Is the Xbox Live outage affecting you? Or do you not mind being offline for a while? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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