News: Need for Speed Will Feature “Fantastic Land, Water & Air Experiences” in an Open World [UPDATE]

Update 21/11/2014: It’s come to our attention that not everything in this post is entirely accurate. The information down below relates to a NEW intellectual property that Criterion is working on, not the Need for Speed franchise. The Need for Speed franchise is now being developed by a new EA studio, Ghost Games. We apologise reservedly for any false impressions and for getting your hopes up only to dash them. But damn, wouldn’t this make an awesome Need for Speed?


Criterion Games – the studio behind the last couple of well received Need for Speed titles – are currently working hard on their follow up, but it’s not going to be the same experience we’ve all grown accustomed to.

No, instead of sticking with the tried and tested formula of cars racing across roads, it seems that Criterion is looking to invigorate the long-running franchise by taking players off the tarmac and up into the air as well as across the water.

A recent job posting on the official EA careers page for the studio states:

“We are looking for creative, collaborative and passionate people to help us build great-looking worlds sculpted for gameplay. In our next game, Criterion is going beyond cars so we need world-class artists who can produce high quality, breath-taking landscapes built for fun that support fantastic land, water and air experiences.”

As well as more or less confirming that their new Need for Speed title will feature cars, watercraft and aircraft of sorts, the listing also confirms that another open-world will be presented to players:

“Working with Lead World Artists under the direction of the Art Director and guided by concept art, a Criterion World Artist is expected to deliver cutting edge visuals whilst retaining the open-world gameplay and exploration crafted by the world designers.

Complimentary technical skills are also required to both understand the limitations and be able to exploit the opportunities, of engines and hardware. A broad range of creative and technical interests is also much appreciated.”

It seems that EA is giving Criterion a bit more room to expand the series which can only be a good thing. Just think, racing jets around an open world… Damn that’d be good.

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