News: Crysis 3 DLC Achievements Appear Online

crysis-3-imageIt looks like Crysis 3 will be on the receiving end of some download-content sometime soon.

A leaked achievement list for Crysis 3 suggests that there’s some multiplayer DLC on the horizon for Crytek’s latest installment in the Crysis franchise.

The leak comes thanks to Xbox 360 Achievements who posted the achievements for the supposed upcoming DLC, giving players the chance to boost their GamerScore by 250 points as well as four new multiplayer maps to do futuristic battle in, and if that’s not enough, a new weapon in the form of a boat oar will be added to the roster of killing equipment.

There’s no official confirmation from Crytek yet, but we’ve emailed them to see if they can shed any light on these leaks, we’ll update if/when we get a reply.

You have a gander at the full achievement list here.

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Would you be interested in some DLC for Crysis 3?

Source: Xbox 360 Achievements