News: Crytek To Showcase Two New Titles At E3, Possibly Homefront 2

Some interesting news coming from Italy; Crytek will be showing off two new titles at this years E3 gathering in Los Angeles. reports that the firm will be showing two new titles, one of which will be Arena of Fate which is to be a PC only shooter, most likely to be released under a free-to-play model.

The second title, known only as Project Grave is also to be displayed at E3, though very few details are know about the game, so whether it’s an exclusive or a multiplatform title remains to be seen, though rumour has it that Project Grave could be Homefront 2.

Crytek aquired the rights to the Homefront franchise during the auctioning off of THQ’s assets, and we know that Homefront 2 is in development by Crytek UK, so maybe we’ll get a glimpse this Summer.

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