News: Dayz Won’t Release On Xbox One & PS4 Until PC Version Is Ready

If you’ve been eagerly waiting to play the popular title Dayz on your brand new Xbox One or PlayStation 4, you’re going to be in for a wait, a long wait.

Dean Hall of Bohemia Interactive recently caught up with the fine folks over at GameReactor where he spoke of the future intentions of bringing Dayz to the Xbox One and PS4.

“We need to get the PC build to the right state, where then it can pull across, and I think everybody recognises that there’s no sense in starting to pull something across that’s dramatically changing all the time. So really our focus is on delivering the right stuff and answering all the questions as we go through the Early Access with the PC.”

So there you have it folks, if you’re hoping to be slaying zombies on your PS4 or Xbox One, it’s going to be a while before you’re doing it Dayz style. Still, there’s always the PC Early Access version on Steam, so all is not lost.

Looking forward to Dayz on the new-gen consoles? What would you like to see? Cross-platform play? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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Source: GameReactor

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