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News: Dead Rising 3 Developer Working On New Game, Possibly Dead Rising 4

Dead Rising 3 developer Capcom Vancouver is currently developing a new title and going by what we’ve seen, it looks like it may be an open-world third-person action game. Dead Rising 4 anyone?

Some new job postings over on the Capcom Vancouver official website suggest that the developers of Dead Rising 3 may be currently producing another Dead Rising game, possibly Dead Rising 4.

The job listings in question state that the company is currently developing a new title and that they are looking for developers who are experienced with working on “large, open environments” as well as “developing third-person action games.”

Capcom Vancouver have worked exclusively on open-world games since the release of Dead Rising 2, going on to produce sequels and spin-offs with the latest being Dead Rising 3 for the Xbox One and PC platforms.

After playing through Dead Rising 3 a couple of times, I’m more than ready for a Dead Rising 4, especially now that the team has more of a grip on the Xbox One’s architecture than they did when they first started out with Dead Rising 3.

Would you like to see another Dead Rising game? Or do you think the series has run its course? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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