News: Dead Rising 3 On PC Suffering From Performance Issues

Dead rising 3 pc

Capcom’s third entry in the Dead Rising series isn’t getting off to a great start on the PC. Crafty players who have already managed to get their hands on Dead Rising 3 on PC, despite it not being released in Western territories until tomorrow (it’s out in Japan now), are reporting some serious issues with the PC port.

Some users are claiming that the game suffers from unplayable lag, mouse acceleration and frame rate drops, even when there’s nothing going on on-screen as well as the game randomly crashing and closing down.

Dead Rising 3 players have already taken to several social media sites to vent their fury at Capcom for releasing a game with so many issues.

Thankfully Capcom are ready and have already set up a thread on Steam’s forums for people to post details of any issues they are running into and what system they are running the game on. You can check out the thread here and post your own problems.

Hopefully Capcom will be able to resolve these issues with a patch in the next few days, but bear in mind patches for serious issues have been known to take weeks before, so you have been warned.

Dead Rising 3 originally released as an exclusive on the Xbox One back in November 2013 and is set to officially release in the UK, Europe and North America on September 4th.

Have you had any issues with Dead Rising 3? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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  1. Pretty spot on, got this game soon as it came out this past friday. I'm running a 4 gig r9 270x and even playing the game on medium settings I get some serious slow down in certain areas The game feels watery for lack of a better word and I am certain it isn't running at 60 fps or even close

  2. It's a shame because Dead Rising 3 is actually a pretty damn good game (at least what I managed to play on my PC.)

  3. Have you gone over to the Capcam thread on Steam? I think they've been posting updates to possible workarounds until they push a patch through

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