News: Demos Will Be Mandatory For All Ouya Games & Apps

ouyaSome good news for the Ouya, some very good news actually.

Each and every game and app will be required to offer a free demo of the game or app, so that users know what they are getting into before putting their money on the table.

Julie Uhrman CEO of Ouya spoke of the reasons behind this policy with GamesIndustry International:

“It removes the confusion between a paid app store and a free app store. We also think it cuts down on the copycat games, where you have games that look like each other and one is paid but the other is free and you don’t know what to do.”

Personally, I welcome this with open arms. These days there are so many duds on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store that it’s not always easy to know whether you’re buying a decent game made by decent people, or if you’re buying a game that is a rip off of the aforementioned decent game.

To be honest, this is one advantage the Ouya already has over the other home consoles, even the handheld devices. The lack of demo’s being put out by publishers has dramatically decreased over the last few years. Instead of letting potential customers have a short play of the game before it releases to see if they like it or not, we’re being thrown explosive trailers and tricked into making a purchase with special editions, the offer of “exclusive” DLC and all other manner of things.

So as of this moment, the Ouya has gone up a notch in my estimation.

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