News: Destiny Is Getting Hammered Down On Metacritic

Attack of the fans

Destiny released yesterday for the PS4 and Xbox One, and whilst we, nor many other publications haven’t got a review up yet (we’re taking our sweet time, thank you very much,) players have flocked to Metacritic to give their opinions.

For the most part people seem to be enjoying Bungie’s latest offering, but there are a significant amount of people who seem to be going against the grain, leaving some pretty stinking reviews.

Destiny is currently resting on a Metacritic user score of 6.2 for the PS4 and even lower with a 5.0 for the Xbox One. Many user critics cite poor, repetitive gameplay and no offline single player campaign as the reason for their disdain with the shooter, with more stating that’s not the game changer they expected and that it’s just “another first-person shooter.”

However, for every player that isn’t enjoying Destiny there seems to be two who are. The amount of negative reviews are easily outweighed by the positives, with many claiming that they’re enjoying the grid with friends.

We’re only a few hours into the game, but first impressions are that it’s a solid shooter with some fine mechanics. That’s all we’re saying for now, give it a few days and we’ll have the full review up for you to read over.

What do you make of Destiny? Is it a heroic effort or an abysmal flop? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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