News: Don’t Expect A Perfect Dark Sequel Anytime Soon On Xbox One Or Xbox 360

If you, like me, have fond memories of gaming on the N64 then you’ll most likely remember Rare’s cracking futuristic shooter Perfect Dark.

Then again, if you, like me, remember getting the Xbox 360 and playing through Perfect Dark Zero you’ll most likely remember a sub-standard shooter with a cast of characters resembling plasticine models.

It wasn’t a terrible game by any means and it was still very early on in the Xbox 360’s life-cycle so at the time it was considered top-notch entertainment.

Fans of the franchise may still be holding out for a follow-up to Perfect Dark Zero, a dream that may just remain a dream, unfortunately.

Speaking on The Inner Circle podcast, Microsoft’s Ken Lobb stated that aren’t any Microsoft studios currently working on the intellectual property.

That doesn’t mean that we may not see Joanna Dark strutting her stuff sometime in the future, just don’t expect it anytime soon.

Would you be happy to see Perfect Dark dead and buried? Or do you think there’s still room in the eco-system of first-person shooters for Joanna to make a name for herself? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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