News: Don’t Expect Xbox Exclusive Ninety-Nine Nights 3 Anytime Soon

Back in 2006 Microsoft Game Studios published a little game that went by the name of Ninety-Nine Nights, a hack-and-slash title of sorts not unlike the Dynasty Warriors series of game, except Ninety-Nine Nights was a Microsoft exclusive.

Featuring hundreds of on-screen enemies at any given time, Ninety-Nine Nights was just a big ball of mindless fun. Unfortunately it didn’t score all too well but still found some success amongst fans of the genre.

Fast forward four years and Ninety-Nine Nights II was once again released as an Xbox exclusive though this time around it fared a lot worse than its predecessor, at least in terms of professional opinions. Since release the series has become something of a cult classic, and rightly so, they’re damn good fun!

So it’s with great regret that we’re reporting that it looks like the franchise is dead in the water.

As of December 12th 2014 Microsoft has abandoned the franchise trademark #78979706, more specifically, the Ninety-Nine Nights name, drowning all hopes for a third installment in the action-RPG.

It’s a little bit of a disappointment but in all honest, there’s not that many people begging for a follow up, but for the few who remain faithful to Microsoft’s answer to Dynasty Warriors it’ll come as a bit of a blow.

Are you deeply saddened that Microsoft has tied up NN and left it out in the rain, alone, cold and scared? Share your thoughts down in the comments section below.

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