News: DriveClub Stats Update Aiming For Early 2015, Long Term Plan In Place For All Skill Levels

Driveclub has come a long way since its troubled launch; online works fairly well and the weather update has ramped up the fun and at time, difficulty due to the adverse weather conditions.

There’s still a few problems that remain to be ironed out, but Evolution are hard at work with future updates and presumably the long-awaited Driveclub PS Plus Edition.

Answering a fan on Twitter, Driveclub’s Game Director Paul Rustchynsky revealed that the studio are aiming to push out the fix for the Driveclub stats “early in the new year,” whilst stressing that stats are still being tracked, so even though you may not be able to pour over the facts and figures now, you’ll have an accurate read-out when they become available.

Fixes aren’t the only updates that Evolution are working on. Some players are finding Driveclub to be a little bit difficult, some claim that their progress is being hindered by their inability to win races.

If you’re an amateur when it comes to racing games then don’t let Driveclub’s learning curve put you off as Rustchynksy has stated that there are “long-term plans” to cater for all players of all skill levels, though he didn’t elaborate further.

Many players who are struggling with Driveclub have called for different difficulty settings to help ease newbies and casual players onto the track.

Whilst there’s no Driveclub PS Plus Edition as of yet, Driveclub is going for a pretty reasonable price over on Amazon so if you’re desperate to get stuck into the PS4 racer the cost of entry isn’t too high.

Would you like to see different difficulty settings? Are you finding Driveclub too hard at times? Or do you breeze past the opposition with ease? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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  1. I liked Driveclub but the new DLC is just way to hard. I’ve been from the driveclub game a while, come back to play the DLC, and a difficulty wall just rams ur head, I dont like playing for days to master the tracks, I just want to complete the Events, which has proven a little to difficult with the difficulty, so a more casual option would actually be nice.

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