News: DriveClub Still Plagued With Issues Surrounding DLC, Wheel Issues To Be Fixed In Next Update

Driveclub has been plagued with issues since release day; we’ve had server errors, a lack of Driveclub PS Plus Edition and much more.

Unfortunately the plight isn’t over for gamers eager to get their race on with Evolutions PS4 exclusive. The latest issues surrounding the troubled realistic racer are related to the free DLC offered by Evolution by way of recompense to grieved gamers as well as issues with those opting to delve further into the realism by using a steering wheel to play.

Many players have taken to social media website twitter to voice their concerns over the latest batch of issues, but thankfully the vocal game Director Paul Rustchynsky offered a solution to those encountering problems with the free Driveclub DLC.

In a series of tweets to fans he suggests that players restart their console, though not using the PS4’s rest-mode feature and it should sort out the issues. Whilst this has proven fruitful for some, others haven’t had such luck.

What’s more is that some are encountering issues, albeit minor ones, with the use of driving wheels.

One user tweeted “Bug with T300 RS wheel. Swapping Handbrake button with Look Back button so Handbrake on R2 and Look Back on Circle, does not work.” It’s been a common complaint amongst those who opt to use a racing wheel, but thankfully it seems it’s an issue that will soon be put to bed as Rustchynksy stated that “this is fixed in the next game update.”

So in the meantime, if you’re having issues accessing the free Driveclub DLC try rebooting your console and if that doesn’t work some have found success in uninstalling the DLC and re-installing it, though we can’t confirm that this works. If you’re using a racing wheel and want to customise the controls to your liking, you’re just going to have to wait for the next game update to release.

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