News: DualShock 3 Not Compatibile With PlayStation 4

ps4 controllerIt’s not just your PlayStation 3 retail discs and PlayStation Network purchases that will be made redundant once you get a PlayStation 4 – the DualShock 3 will be pretty much useless too.

Confirmation of this news comes from the boss of Sony Worldwide Stuidos, Shuhei Yoshida. Speaking to Polygon, Mr Yoshida stated:

“No, [the PlayStation 4] doesn’t support DualShock 3 but it does support PS Move.”

To be fair, I think we all expected this, what with the PlayStation 4’s DualShock 4 boasting some new features that aren’t available on the DualShock 3 – the touch-pad and the share button being the most obvious, as well as the light bar across the top of the controller, which will communicate with the PlayStation 4 via the new PlayStation Eye, which as you probably know, resembles the Kinect much more than the PlayStation Eye from the PlayStation 3.

Still, at least your PlayStation Move wands are going to be compatible with the PlayStation 4, so don’t got chucking them away or selling them on just yet if you intend to buy Sony’s latest home console, they may just come in handy.

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Source: Polygon