News: Dying Light Is “Scary Big” According To Dev; Call of Juarez Discussed For PS4/Xbox One

Despite being physically delayed in some territories, Dying Light still remains fairly hyped up with fans pouring over any and all trailers, videos, news articles and whatever they can get their hands on.

Originally set to be a Dead Island sequel, Dying Light had enough new features to warrant a full release on its own steam without ties to the Dead Island franchise.

If you’re eagerly awaiting Dying Light, it may scare you to know that the game world is much bigger than anything ever done by the team over at Techland. According to Maciej Binkowski, Lead Game Designer for Dying Light, “scary big.”

In a recent interview with the somewhat Marmite gaming personality HipHopGamer (personally, I think he’s cool, love the fact he carries that massive belt around with him,) Binkowski was asked just how big the game is, to which he replied “that’s why I told you, when we thought this was big, and it’s actually scary big, that’s what I meant.”

He also explains that the area of Dying Light’s slums is in fact larger than the playable area in Dead Island, making it their biggest ever game to-date. Let’s hope all those hours of testing have found all the bugs…

Binkowski also spoke a little on the Call of Juarez franchise and how the team spoke about the possibility of bringing the franchise to the PS4 and Xbox One.


If you’re not familiar with the Call of Juarez games, they are first-person shooters which traditionally take place back in the past, placing players in the American Civil War or in the worn and torn cowboy boots of a Western gunslinger, just like Call of Juarez: Gunslinger. Head over to YouTube and have a little search if you’re interested, they’re pretty decent games if you’re looking for an alternative to the steroid shooters of today.


When asked if the team over at Techland had given any thought to bringing the Call of Juarez franchise to the PS4 and Xbox One now that they have all the extra tools available to them with Chrome Engine 6, Maciej Binkowski saidyou know, yeah, we did. The last Call of Juarez, Gunslinger, that was a little bit off and I really enjoyed it. It was a small thing but really like packed with awesomeness” going on to state that the franchise is “still very close to our hearts.”

A new Call of Juarez? Yes please. Gunslinger was perhaps one of the better entries in the series that has something of a cult following rather than a mainstream hyped-up audience.

Dying Light is due out on January 27th in the US and January 30th for the UK and Europe and will be available on the PS4, Xbox One and PC. You can pre-order your copy and get the Amazon exclusive ‘Be The Zombie’ Edition. Nice.

Would you be partial to some more Western first-person shooters? Dying Light got you scared already? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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