News: EA Showing Off FIFA 14 With Next Xbox

fifa14-4It looks like Call of Duty: Ghosts wont be the only third-party title in attendance tomorrow during Microsoft’s Next Xbox reveal, as a posting on the official EA Sports Facebook page reveals that the “next-generation” of FIFA will be shown tomorrow, presumably FIFA 14.

The image shows Barcelona footballer Lionel Messi along with the tag-ling of “See the next generation of FIFA” then underneath it states the time of the Xbox reveal event.

This will come as a welcome surprise to those who care about FIFA football games, but others are already asking the question: “Where are Microsoft’s games?”

It’s a fair question to be honest. The event is set to last approximately one hour, and in that time they’re going to have to show Call of Duty: Ghosts, FIFA 14 and talk about the console itself. One hour just doesn’t seem long enough, especially when you pit it against Sony’s marathon length meeting earlier this year.

Still, it’s all quite exciting and we’ll be tuning in to see what the next Microsoft console is and what it can do, so be sure to check in for updates!

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