News: EA Software Engineer Spends Free Time Slamming Wii U On Twitter

wii-u-consoleOh dear, dear, dear…

The Wii U just can’t catch a break from EA. First we find out that EA aren’t developing any games for the platform and that they don’t intend to for the foreseeable future, now we have Bob Summerwill, an EA software engineer, laying into the Wii U on Twitter.

The EA employee certainly didn’t mix his words on the social network, describing the Wii U as “crap” and suggesting Nintendo should have “done a SEGA.”

Here’s a few of the employee’s tweets, be warned Nintendo fans, they may hurt. (Please note: @shanselman is not an EA employee, he is the one who was being replied to by Bob Summerwill.)

“@shanselman The WiiU is crap.Less powerful than an XBOX360.Poor online/store.Weird tablet.Nintendo are walking dead at this point.”

“@shanselman Instead they make this awful console, and this …….Just stop it!Just make great games!”

“@shanselman Nintendo are still operating like it’s 1990.They should have “done a Sega” and offered Mario/Zelda as PS4/Durango exclusives.”

Ouch, rough stuff. On one hand, I completely loathe the arrogance that seems to be seeping from the despicable man, but a part of me likes the fact that he’s just being brutally honest. It’s only too often that companies and their employee’s are afraid to speak out on their personal feelings towards a game/console, so it’s refreshing to see one person do it, even if he is a bit of an arse.

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What do you make of these comments? Could there be a touch of truth in them? Or do you have faith in good ol’ Ninty?

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  1. That does suck. Poor Wii U. It has potential, like all of Nintendo’s consoles. However, since the N64, no one but Nintendo have tried to reach that plane of excellence for their systems.

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