News: EA Wants You To Pay More For PS4 Games

EAOnlinePassEA are once again painting a target on their own backs and inviting customers to take pot shots, thanks to their pricing policy for PS4 titles.

Over on the website you’ll find a PS4 FAQ (frequently asked questions) form and among the various questions lies some interesting information.

One of the questions is: How much will PlayStation 4 games cost? The answer, which you can read just below, will surely ignite some fires amongst the gaming community.

“At present, the only publisher to confirm costs of their next generation games are EA, attaching a price of £54.99. No other game prices have been confirmed. We will of course update our listings as and when this happens. And if the price changes before release day, you will always pay the lowest price.”

Games in the U.K currently retail at around £49.99, though most sell for far less thanks to retailer competition and various second-hand deals. Sony recently confirmed that PS4 games would remain at the standard retail price of $59.99, though ultimately it is for each publisher to decide on the price of their products, and if EA can get away with putting an extra £5 on their titles then you can be pretty sure that others will follow suit.

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What do you think of this? Will you be willing to shell out an extra fiver on a brand new game, or will this just encourage you to shop around for better deals, or even buy pre-owned? Let us know down in the comments section down below.

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