News: European PS Plus Goodies For June Revealed

PlayStationPlusFreebies bioshock 2June is looking set to be another smasher for PS Plus subscribers, as Sony recently announced what will be added to the Instant Game Collection.

There’s everything you could want, PlayStation 3 games, PS Vita titles and some great discounts as well as unannounced discounts which simply pop-up at random every so often.

So, to kick it off there’s Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, ICO and Shadow of the Colossus HD Collection and Demon’s Souls being added on May 29th for the PlayStation 3.

Then for the PS Vita crowd, you’re in for a treat by the way, Rayman Orgins will be added June 5th along with the incredibly addictive Coconut Dodge Revitalised.

Wow, what a month. The PlayStation 3 content will no doubt be enjoyed by many as will Rayman Orgins for the PS Vita owners, as well as FuturLabs brilliant Coconut Dodge Revitalised.

Hopefully our North American cousins will be in for some equally awesome goodies this June, come on Sony, be fair!

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What do you think of June’s PS Plus content? Are you over-joyed? Disappointed? How dare you!

Source: PlayStation Blog