News: iPhone 6 Getting Huge Dev Support, EA, Square Enix, Ubisoft & More

iphone 6

Earlier today Apple revealed that there will be two new iPhone models joining the already bloated family of mobile hardware; the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s.

The announcement didn’t really surprise anyone, but the amount of developers who are actively working on new games for the latest bit of kit from the smart-phone manufacturer certainly came as a surprise.

Among the confirmed publishers and developers currently overseeing project for the iPhone 6 are EA, Epic Games, Ubisoft, Rebellion, 505 Games and Square Enix.

Now this isn’t the full list of teams working on upcoming content for the iPhone 6, but they are some of the most high-profile companies within the industry.

What games are they making? That’s anyone’s guess, but I’m sure we’ll hear more as the release date for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 draws closer, which incidentally isn’t too far away, September 19th being precise.

With the iPhone 6 getting plenty of support from developers and publishers alike, you’ll be hard pressed to find yourself bored with the device. Might be worth flogging your PS Vita though, the iPhone 6 seems to have more support than the poor handheld.

Will you be getting the iPhone 6? If so, will it become your primary gaming device for when you’re out on the move, or will you still be carrying your Nintendo 3DS or PS Vita in your pocket? Let us know down in the comments section down below.

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