News: FIFA 15 Xbox One FUT Issues Investigated, Don’t Fall For The Related Scam

Players of FIFA 15 may have noticed some errors occurring when trying to transfer players within FIFA Ultimate Team, mainly on the Xbox One version of the game.

EA has since confirmed that there are errors and that they are looking into the issues. According to EA the problem is only present on the Xbox One and Xbox 360, though there have been some complaints from PS4 users regarding the same problem.

In the mean time Xbox One and Xbox 360 players can use the web application to initiate and complete transfers until EA has a fix out.

Also, don’t fall for the related scam. Unscrupulous sheisters have attempted to capitalise on the woes of players by posing as EA members online offering free Ultimate Team gold packs by way of compensation for those affected. Do not believe any of them, these scammers are just out to get your personal details, so steer clear and you’ll stay happy.

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