News: First GTA V Gameplay Trailer Released

gtavscreen10Yes, I know we’re a little late, but at least we’re fashionable. OK, we’re not even fashionable…

After months of teasing and baiting the world with screenshots and fancy Hollywood-esque trailers, Rockstar has finally coughed up the goodies and delivered some actual gameplay footage in the form of a gameplay trailer for the upcoming GTA V.

We get our first look at the sprawling city of Los Santos, it’s inhabitants and what it’s like to cause a little bit of havoc within this wonderful digital re-imagining of Los Angeles.

The trailer is embedded down below, so get your peepers and direct them South. Might be a good idea to tie a belt around your head to stop your jaw hitting the floor; it’s that good.

Wow. It’s definitely looking good, and even more so when you realise that the trailer is running on current-gen hardware, the PS3 to be precise.

GTA V is set to release all over the world on September 17th for the PS3 and Xbox 360, though rumours are going around that Rockstar is working on porting the title to the PC and maybe even the PS4 and Xbox One.

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