News: Flappy Bird Returning With Multiplayer This August

Remember Flappy Bird? The game that caused blistering fingers amongst smarthphone users with its frustratingly addictive yet simple gaemplay? Well, it’s coming back.

The games creator Dong Nguyen has supposedly revealed to CNBC’s Kelly Evans that the addictive title will be coming back this August, but not as we previously knew it.

Flappy Bird will return “less addictive” but with multiplayer features, though there’s no solid details.

Flappy Bird hit the iOS App Store and Android Google Play Store earlier this year and was supposedly raking in over $50,000 a day in advertising revenue for the games creator. Unexpectedly, the game was pulled from both stores with Nguyen stating that the game had gone too far and was ruining peoples lives with it’s addictive qualities.

Are you happy to hear that Flappy Bird will be making a return? Or are you still haunted by the nightmares brought on by the game?

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