News: Flockers Flocking To PS4


Team 17’s Flockers will be coming to the PS4 this month, as posted on the PlayStation Blog by the studio.

Flockers is a Lemmings type game, where players must shepherd their sheep from one point to another, avoiding perilous traps and obstacles. The game released on PC through Steam’s Early Access program earlier on in the year, so you may have already played through the title, in which case you know exactly what’s in store.

There’s a total of 60 levels to play through, and to progress through each you need only one of your sheep to survive the journey, but the more that survive the higher your points will be, so there’s definitely some replay value to be had.

Flockers will release on the PS4 this September 23rd in North America and September 19th in the UK and Europe. As well as being able to buy and download on the PSN, you’ll be able to pick up a retail copy of Flockers. Handy for those who like a visible collection of games.

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via PlayStation Blog