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News: Forget About Driveclub: Motorcycle Club Is Coming This March

Forget about Driveclub, forget about Forza Horizon 2; Motorcycle Club is coming to the PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS3 this March.

The motorbike-based racer is set to screech onto consoles later this year, much later than previously anticipated, actually.

Originally slated for a late 2014 release it was pushed back to January 2015, but now it seems that we wont be pulling any high-speed wheelies until March 6th, according to online retailer Amazon UK.

The upcoming racer may seem a little familiar to those who’ve played or even read about PS4 exclusive Driveclub; it’s basically the same concept, but with bikes.

Players can race 22 official motorbikes either in single player events or online. Online multiplayer allows the creation of clubs where you can race together with friends and compete for the top spot. All sounds very familiar. Christ, even the logo bears a resemblance to Driveclub.

If four-wheeled vehicles aren’t your cup of tea and you fancy yourself as a bit biker fan, then Motorcycle Club may be the game you’re looking for.

Motorcycle Club is available for pre-order from Amazon UK for a fairly cheap price at less than £30 on the last gen consoles and under £35 on the PS4/Xbox One. Not too shabby.

Will you be delving into Motorcycle Club? Or do you prefer your racers behind the wheel of a car? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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