News: Former Uncharted Writer “Can’t Wait” To Show Off New Star Wars Game, Something “Very Cool” On The Horizon

If you’ve played through the Uncharted trilogy then you’ve probably laughed out loud, gasped in disbelief and cheered with joy at Nathan Drake’s crazy antics, all penned by the talented Amy Hennig.

Amy Henning no longer works on the Uncharted franchise after having left Naughty Dog to join EA’s Visceral Games to work on a still unannounced Star Wars title.

Rumours initially suggested that it would pick up where Lucas Arts were forced to stop with Star Wars 1313, but that’s since been rebuked.

However, with the creative talent of Henning behind the Star Wars game there’s sure to be some exciting cinematic experiences as well as a rich tale for players to experience, something Hennig can’t wait to show off.

The game is being co-written by Todd Stashwick who you’ll probably recognise in the new 12 Monkey television series.

According to the actor/writer, the game is going to be something that he himself is excited to play and that it’s a truly cool game.

There’s not a lot of info about the game at this time as EA and Visceral are keeping it all very hush-hush, but maybe once Visceral have got Battlefield: Hardline out and into stores they’ll be able to start really talking about Henning’s and Stashwick’s work. Bring it on, we need more Star Wars in our lives!

What do you want more? Star Wars: Battlefront or a story-driven cinematic experience akin to the Uncharted games? Let us know down in the comments below.

  1. If there is another bounty hunter game, I hope it’s like SW: BH for ps2. It’s such an untapped pocket of gameplay possibility and starwars lore as well. Traveling across planets, using a scouter device to find criminals…who is wanted for what and dead/alive, and bringing them in.

    1. Yes! Another Bounty Hunter style game would be epic. Still have the original for the gamecube, may have to give it a go later…

    1. Gahhh! Good spot! I have a relative with the name “Henning”, hence the confusion. All updated now, thanks for pointing it out!

  2. I would like to see another “the force unleashed” style of game! With Amy co writing a cinematic action game, preferably about a sith would be epic for me. A story like that would be right up ms.hennigs alley, the pain and suffering that drives a character to the darkside, could be big!! An anti hero point of view seperate from the main continuity.

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