News: Gaikai Register Domains, Points To Cloud Gaming Service

sony-gaikaiSome new domains registered by Gaikai, the cloud streaming service bought by Sony, points towards a new service for the Playstation brand.

The domains in questions are, and, all of which were registered by Sony-owned Gaikai just a few days ago, February 15th.

Many of the rumours flying around about the Playstation 4 point towards Gaikai being a big part of the Playstation 4 experience, allowing you to play Playstation 3, Playstation 2 and Playstation 1 games on your Playstation 4 or Playstation Vita via the Gaikai service. These new domains seem to indicate that there may be some truth in the rumours.

Later on today, Sony is hosting a big meeting where we all expect the Playstation 4 to rear its head, and maybe even a few more announcements, possibly even some information to confirm whether the rumours surrounding Gaikai are indeed true.

Remember to check in with The Games Cabin for a full summary of the Playstation meeting, whether it’s for the better or the worse. Lets just pray it’s the Playstation 4 and not a new iteration of the Playstation Move. I’d break down and cry if all we got was 90 minutes of Sports Champions being played on a new Playstation Move.

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