News: GAME – PlayStation 4 Will Save Troubled Video Game Market

GAME-playstation-4To say we’re excited about the PlayStation 4 would be an understatement, even hardcore Xbox fans are admitting to being a little giddy at the thought of the PlayStation 4 and the possibilities it brings to gaming.

We’re not the only ones though, UK video game retailer GAME is particularly invested in the PlayStation 4 being a success. It’s no surprise either, with each PlayStation 4 console the firm sells, they’ll be making a nice bit of profit off each one, as well as software for the machine, and more importantly to them, used games which despite the heavy rumours that the PlayStation 4 would be making away with used games, the console will still support pre-owned titles.

Speaking to VideoGamer, Charlotte Knight category director at GAME spoke of the huge interest the console as received, despite the fact nobody has actually seen the physical box itself.

“Despite not actually seeing the device, the impressive hardware specs and incredible-looking games were more than enough to convince fans to secure their console and avoid disappointment when it launches.”

Charlotte Knight also went on to say that they expect the new hardware to “boost retail sales” as well as stating that “on top of that, it will mobilise developers to keep pushing the boundaries of gaming – and that’s great for both gamers and for the industry as a whole.”

At the moment, you can pre-order the PlayStation 4 on and reserve your console for £20. Back just after the PlayStation 4 meeting, GAME had the pre-orders up pretty darn fast with a price of £399.99, though that price seems to have vanished from the site at the time of writing.

The PlayStation 4 will indeed help boost retail sales, no doubt, as most will want to get the console on the day it releases rather than buy from an online retailer and spend days waiting for the postman to come knocking on the door.

The PlayStation 4 is set to release around Autumn this year, though which territories will see the console first remains to be seen. We may also be set to get our first look at the actual console this summer at the E3 event in June.

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Source: VideoGamer